Obe ProBowl

smart dog bowl and app

 Now it's simple for the whole family to keep your Very Important Pup happy and healthy. Rest easy knowing ProBowl monitors your dog's eating and drinking habits real-time and alerts you about anything out of the ordinary. Obe personalizes meal sizes based on your dog's details and makes it easy for anyone to feed him the right amount, every meal. ProBowl and app make texting and phone calls to check if the dog has been fed a thing of the past.  And you'll never run out of dog food again. Pawfection!


obe smart app

  • Monitors eating and drinking habits over time.

  • Smart alerts if something is out of the ordinary

  • Manages dog's care among family members

  • Makes it easy to share specific data with your vet


easy, every day expert access

Guides the whole family on how much and when to feed your dog with easy to use 'Say When' technology.  The bowl glows when you have filled it with the right amount for your dog based on veterinarian approved standards.


never run out of dog food again

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