• Individualized Nutrition for Your Healthier, Happier Dog

Individualized Nutrition for Your Healthier, Happier Dog

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Individualized Nutrition Over Their Lifetime

Obe’s technology uses your dog’s details, food type and leading veterinarian research to create a custom pawfile and compute exactly how much they should eat, each meal or per day. If your dog grazes, no problem. As your dog ages, changes food or gains or loses weight, Obe's personalized scientific algorithm adjusts the feeding amount and updates the bowl and the app.

'Say When' Technology

Ditch the measuring cups! Our light-up bowl weighs food as you pour it in, making it easy for family, kids and caretakers to provide the right amount every time. If the green light turns to red, remove excess from the bowl until it changes back to green. Red, he’s been fed. Green, go ahead.

Tracks Food and Water Consumption

Learn what's normal for your pet by tracking eating and drinking habits automatically.  The app shows how much they've eaten compared to the feeding recommendation and reveals their 7-day drinking average. Share data with your vet too! Now when they ask you if he's eating and drinking normally, you'll have the data to share.

Rest assured they always have enough water

Rest assured the water bowl doesn't go dry. The bowl blinks pink when it needs to be refilled and the app sends you push notifications before the bowl goes dry and if it is empty. 

Easy to clean, sleek, modern design

Our spill-proof dog bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe. ProBowl is made of FDA approved, food-safe, and non BPA plastic. Compatible with PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder. No cords or plugs: 4AA batteries included. iOS 9.3 and higher. IOS only, Android coming soon.

Food delivered at just the right time

Automatically reorders pet food and has it delivered at just the right time. Set the Obe ProBowl to replenish your favorite dog food when you run low, saving time and shopping trips. Over 250 brands. Free with Prime.

You'd think we love your dog as much as you do. ®

Hi, I'm Hilary Jensen, one of Obe's founders.Here's why I helped start Obe.

When I first adopted my muttweiler DJ, I fed him dry kibble that my vet had recommended. It was a good quality product but DJ was slow to eat it, often left food in his bowl for days and had gas often enough that I had to light candles when my friends came over! :) When I switched his food to a raw mix, everything changed. DJ immediately gobbled up his food, he howled at meal time until I fed him (funny and adorable, but not ;) )and almost overnight stopped having gas. I knew nutrition made a difference in my health and happiness, but I saw what a huge difference it made for DJ and I knew I couldn't be alone.

The other event that underlined how nutrition affects our pet's quality of life was when DJ got older, about 7.  DJ stopped wanting to go on runs with me and was showing signs of arthritis and resisted longer walks and runs. When I took him to the vet, she said he needed to lose weight. When I succeeded in helping DJ get to the right weight, he was back to normal, had so much more energy and did not need to go on any arthritis medication. 

Obe is here to help pet parents keep their furbabies healthier and happier for longer.

Video Greeting from Obe's Founder

How Obe's Digital Wellness System Works

Obe Digital Dog Wellness System

Unlike a dispenser feeder, with Obe ProBowl, mealtime remains a time to connect and bond with your pet. 

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