ProBowl Makes It Easy to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Busy much?

Busy much?

Wouldn't it be nice to have fewer things to remember and worry about? Especially when it comes to our treasured pets? We think so. That's why we founded Obe and created ProBowl. ProBowl is a dishwasher safe bowl with a smart base that connects to your phone and WiFi. ProBowl takes care of the details so you can enjoy more time together with your pet.

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Details? Don't fret.

Details? Don't fret.

ProBowl :

  • Automatically reorders food and has Amazon deliver it
  • Tracks eating and drinking habits, real time
  • Alerts you if habits change
  • Prevents accidental double feeding
  • Makes it easy for everyone to feed your pet the right amount, every meal
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    • Never Run Out of Pet Food

      ProBowl knows when to reorder your pet's food. Obe and Amazon will have it delivered to your doorstep. You don't have to lift a finger. One less thing to remember in your busy schedule + happier pet = goodness.

    • Personalized Meals

      ProBowl calculates meal portions based on your pet's specific details. The light ring on the base glows green when you've filled the bowl just right. Now anyone can feed them the right amount, every time.

    • No More Accidental Double Feeds

      Ever accidentally feed your pet an extra meal...they can be good at convincing you they haven't been fed. ProBowl keeps everybody honest- it turns red if they've been fed. :)

    • Eating and Drinking Habits

      Wonder if your pet is drinking enough water? Obe tracks drinking habits and compares it to our database of other dogs and cats. We'll let you know how your pet compares and offer free guidance.

    • Real-Time Alerts

      Just like us, early diagnosis is the best way to prevent bigger pet health problems. Obe's smart app tracks everything your pet eats or drinks over time so we can alert you immediately if something is out of the ordinary.

    • Pet Food Deciphered

      It's not easy to know what your pet's nutritional needs are. Obe shares what's in your pet's food and makes recommendations within your budget for better health.

    Obe ProBowl App for iPhone

    Download the free Obe ProBowl App for iPhone now!

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