• Obe Digital Wellness makes it easier to keep your dog healthier and happier, for longer.

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Obe Digital Wellness makes it easier to keep your dog healthier and happier, for longer.

Tracks eating and drinking habits, alerts you when they are running low on water.

Tough and Easy to Clean. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe. Tested by the biggest chewers.

"One of 50 products that will dramatically improve your life at home."

Live Better Award 2019

House Beautiful

"Finally a smart dog bowl that's beautiful too."

Martha Stewart

"My daughter asks to feed the dog now!"

- Margot Obe Customer

Grand Prize Winner Pet Care Innovation Award

Nestle Purina

"Obe is a pioneer leading the way in the rapidly growing pet technology market."



Avoid overfeeding

When several people share feeding duties, details get lost in the shuffle. Our light-up bowl weighs food as you pour it in, making it easy for family, kids and caretakers to provide the right amount every time. If the green light turns to red, remove excess from the bowl until it changes back to green. Red, he’s been fed. Green, go ahead.  Watch 

Obe ProBowl Glows Green Say When Technology

No more hassle

No more tracking down family members, or lengthy text threads to find out if anyone fed the dog. Lose the measuring cups and just press the button, if the base lights up red he has been fed, or green go ahead.

Peace of mind from anywhere

Remotely check on your furry friend from work or vacation to make sure they are getting optimal nutrition and water. Share data with your vet and get alerts if they haven't been fed. Rest assured the water bowl does not go empty.

Automatic Dog Food Delivery

Our dog food bowls and water bowls track eating and drinking habits automatically and set the Obedog ProBowl to replenish your favorite dog food when you run low, saving time and shopping trips. Take advantage of Prime shipping on over 250 brands.

Easy to clean, sleek, modern design

Our spill-proof dog bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe bowl is made of FDA approved, food safe, and non BPA plastic. Compatible with PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder. No cords or plugs: 4AA batteries included. iOS 9.3 and higher. IOS only, Android coming soon.

Obe proBowl 30 days satisfaction guarantee

Obe Satisfaction Guarantee

We know how important your dog's health and happiness is. Which makes your Obe purchase even more important.. That's why we guarantee your satisfaction when you buy from Obe. Here is the legalese. :)

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You'd think we love your dog as much as you do.

When our founder's muttweiler DJ stopped wanting to go on runs with her, she knew something was wrong. She took him to the vet who told her DJ needed to lose 10 pounds! When they succeeded in helping DJ lose the weight, he was the fastest dog at the beach again and no longer showed signs of arthritis. So she set out to make an easier way to keep our treasured pets healthier and happier.

Message from obe's founder

Watch How Obe's System Works