Pre-Order Your Obe ProBowls and Get Any Size Pair for just $179

ProBowl Smart Bowl for Pet Wellness comes in four sizes so there is one just right for your pet.

Ship Date Fall 2017. 

  • Tracks Everything Your Pet Eats and Drinks
  • Automatically Reorders Your Pet Food and has it delivered by Amazon
  • Smart Alerts
  • Say When Technology Prevents Overeating and Accidental Double Feeds
  • Smart Base Connects To Your Phone and Your WiFi
  • Dishwasher Safe Bowl comes in Petite, Small, Medium or Large. Smart base is just one size and works with all bowls.
  • The free smart phone app works with iOS. Android coming soon.
  • Works with any kind of pet food and water.

    Petite Smart Bowl for Cats and Toy Dogs Petite is designed for cats and dogs under 20 pounds. 

    Small Smart Bowl for dogs between 20 to 35 pounds, food bowl and water bowl Small: for dogs 20-35 pounds.  



    Medium Smart Bowl for Dogs between 35 to 60 pounds Medium : for dogs between 35-60 pounds.

    Large ProBowl Smart Bowl for Dogs over 60 pounds Large: for dogs over 60 pounds.